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Web Analysis and Redesign Tactics to Boost Sales and Revenue

Does your eCommerce website follow the latest trends? Want an improved online tool to increase profits? Optimize your business with a modern look and the perfect strategy to capture leads and make sales.

A common shortcoming in beginning web sites is their disregard for web analysis and internet marketing. Their absence often results in an appealing yet inefficient site with low marketability. We, as a web analysis and redesign company, will aid you in reaching your website’s fullest potential. With our cooperation, you will know what is and isn’t working and start building a specific objective from there. All in all, we will provide a strategy that has a distinct step-by-step procedure to ensure the flow and increase of revenue.

What is Web Analysis?

It’s simply analyzing an entire website from its face value to its code system. And then we can see if they are all working together efficiently to attract more traffic and revenue. We measure which aspects of a website has problems that need fixing. It also gives us a full insight into a website’s overall performance in the SERPs. 

Web analysis caters to all online entrepreneurs and practically everyone who owns a website. How? Because knowledge is power, and with web analysis, much power will be gained. Web analysis is the interpretation of website data to understand customer behavior. Think of various pie charts, bar graphs, and any visual representation to quantify the effect of your current web design and strategy. 

Web analysis will enable you to do the following:

  • Know whether your site works

With a careful examination, you will see the traffic which you receive on your whole site. It also shows which ones are the most popular pages on your website. This allows you to generate a definite formula for success. 

In addition to the stats on traffic gathered, you will be able to observe the conversion rate too. You will know if the rate of visitors who converted to paying customers increased or decreased. It also gives you an insight into potential factors why there is a change in the trend. 

  • Low conversion rates equal low revenues

Don’t waste any money if you know that your current web design is not working. All you need is a proper analysis so you can find out problem areas on your site affecting your profitability.  The more you pursue the current inefficient website, the faster you will burnout. 

  • Gain a higher conversion rate

As we’ve mentioned, web analysis will grant you information on the pages and traffic sources having the highest conversion rates. How do you use this? Scrutinize the pages and find a common factor. You will be surprised to know that even if your target market is people living in the United Kingdom, your actual clients are from South America. Knowing this, you can optimize your pages to fit their needs. And you can even have additional products or services that are really targeted towards your largest client base.  

  • Monitor your internet marketing plan

Let us first dive into the basics of analytics and see how marketing actually plays out on your website.  There are four types of traffic, namely: search, direct, campaign, and referral. 

  1. Search traffic is generated from search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.). Search traffic is the result of all of the SEO tactics you have employed. The higher the search traffic, the higher the probability of topping the search list. 
  2. Direct traffic is those having unknown sources like the user personally typing your URL.
  3. Campaign traffic is traffic from your marketing campaign. The amount of campaign traffic directly relates to your social media marketing, Google Adwords, and emails, among others. 
  4. Referral traffic is traffic coming from a different website via a URL or link. 

As obvious as their names sound, their function and relationship to the different aspects of your marketing plan are just as clear. If done right, analyzing your website will allow you to see which of these campaigns get the most traffic and towards which pages of your website. This can help you restructure your entire marketing plan to boost traffic from all these different sources.

  • Observe your funnels

A funnel is a group of successive stages starting from the customer’s discovery of your site to the checkout. A sample of a simple funnel is:

  1. A person sees an advertisement on Google Ads.
  2. They click on the advertisement.
  3. They were redirected to the landing page.
  4. They see a product and click “add to cart”.
  5. They click checkout and finishes all registration processes.

Web analysis will be able to view the portion of people dropping out in each of the stages. This information is crucial to amend the stages having the highest dropouts and to maximize your funnel. Knowing how to use your numbers is what makes a successful online business.

Web analysis is vast with multiple applications abounding on the internet. It is a matter of how you interpret the results and maximize their usage. Beginners in analytics can only use a fraction of the whole tool. And even if you’re equipped with the latest tools, you might not know what to do about it. And this is why we are here. Web analysis and redesign companies like KCMO Ads are meant to make things easier. We will extract your data and apply it to your desired web design to garner a world-class quality website your business needs.

Top eCommerce Analytical Tools

A redesign campaign without analytics tools is like the earth without the sun; it will die and fail horribly. We definitely care about your website and how it performs. You’ll waste money if you’re only concern is a fancy looking website. Backup your beauty with some numbers to find out if that layout works or not. To help you with your problem, here are the top four best eCommerce analytics tools.

  • Google Analytics

Any analytics tools list will have Google Analytics. It is a perfect tool for web analysis for small businesses to see for themselves the status of their website. Google Analytics is everywhere, and it is by far the most intricate tool you can use in measuring the different aspects of your funnels.

Google Analytics is most commonly used to see the traffic in a site and its specific pages. Here, you can find out why certain pages are more popular. The results you get helps you emulate them to increase your online presence. It also determines the traffic sources producing the least and most sales, the pages with the highest conversion rate, and funnels that users often pass through.

  • Adobe Analytics

An infamous downside to Google Analytics is their data sampling. Google samples data when a high amount of traffic comes your way. If they collect 70% of your population data, the remaining becomes a matter of prediction. Naturally, the higher the traffic, the higher the potential error of predicted data.

So, we introduce to you enterprises Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics is similarly known in the eCommerce field but for different reasons. Adobe Analytics is much more complex and more complete in terms of finding more concrete predictions and statistical measurements. Adobe focuses a lot more on your audience trend rather than the performance of each of your web pages. In a nutshell, Adobe Analytics is more audience-focused as compared to Google Analytics, which is website-focused.

  • Amplitude

Amplitude is described as a “users analytics tool.” As a “users analytics tool,” it tracks down the actions of users in your site empowering you to see their path and the cause of their drop out. It gives you an insight into your users’ attitudes to know what attracts them and what does not. Amplitude is famous for both quality and cost-effective plans, making it perfect for big and small entrepreneurs.

  • Crazy Egg

Don’t you hate numbers? Crazy Egg is another fan favorite because it has none of those confusing numbers. We get it; not everyone can find magic in numbers. In fact, a lot of people are allergic to looking at charts filled with confusing numerics dancing in front of your eyes. Crazy Egg offers a direct solution to that. It offers a more unique insight than the first three since Crazy Egg is a heat-map tool. In a page, it will show “cold” and “hot” spots, which represents the most frequently clicked area. It delivers straightforward data with easy interpretation, allowing you to skip the confusing numerical fluff and get down to immediate business. 

Now that you know what your website needs, it’s time to put it all into action. Here at KCMO Ads, we will tweak your website and make the necessary changes. However, instances will call for a complete makeover. So, when should you redesign your entire website, and why?

Why Should I Redesign my Website?

  1. Can’t update the site alone. New products, deals, and promos drive long-term relations with your customers. If publishing new content is difficult, you should find a redesign company to add top-quality content and work on those that need help the most.
  2. The site is outdated. An outdated site has many consequences: 
    1. Loading time is long
    2. Inferior or old-timer plug-ins and features
    3. Uses an old interface affecting the user experience
  3. It doesn’t reach the site’s goals and intended market. If you’re not making a profit, it’s probably not just because of your products and services. It could just be your strategy. We can change your site to accommodate the changing preferences of your customers.
  4. You grew from a web template to a custom site. Congratulations! Avail a custom site now for more individuality and business expansion.
  5. You want to extend your market to mobile users. MCommerce or mobile commerce is in the 2019 top eCommerce trends and the statistics back it up. According to Statista, the U.S. in 2019 will see a 29% increase of mCommerce from the past year. That’s a large number to miss out on, especially if your business is not mobile-friendly.
  6. Web analysis tells you to do so. If you’re losing money due to expenses on marketing and maintenance, among others, stop trying to solve it on your own. Do a web analysis and ask for an expert’s opinion.

KCMO ADs is a complete web development and maintenance company that keeps track of new and existing websites. We handle each of the sites we are in charge of with care. And one of the best ways to help existing websites get a firm footing on making sales online is through our web analysis and redesign services. We custom fit all of our strategies to fit your business and even your preferred style. Give us a call, and we can personally discuss your needs for your website. How about it? Give us a ring!