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In 2020 responsive web design is important because mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become essential parts of your (and our) lives. These devices are not just used for communication and as sources of entertainment, but we do most of our day to day transactions through it. With a growing number population of device-dependent individuals, it also affects how the internet is beginning to function.

Responsive Web Design Kansas City

Responsive Web Design Services is important for digital marketing.

One of the ways to make your website look good and load faster on mobile devices. So, whether your audience is using a phone or a tablet, they will be able to browse your website with ease. This is all part of the ever-changing landscape of software engineering that is brought about by necessity, convenience, and broader business opportunities.

In 2015, Google launched the Mobilegeddon update where it made mobile-friendliness a significant ranking factor in its search engines. Multiples websites weren’t able to immediately adjust to the changes making their traffic suffer significantly. As an entrepreneur who wants to maximize your business, especially in the online world, you should take advantage of this trend. A mobile-friendly site allows you not just to be competitive but to also be ahead of the pack. You need a professional business website that is accessible on multiple platforms, and that is possible through responsive website design.

In the past, programmers and web developers create web pages with only personal computers in mind. And the reasons why most developers only focused on creating websites for desktop computers are because:


Building a website optimized for mobile devices are costly. Back then, a web developer needs to create a subdomain dedicated to create a website for mobile devices. This is an entire remake of the web design kansas city almost doubling your entire cost.

Poor Internet Connection

Before 3G connection came out, almost all phones are simply created for calling, texting, and taking photos. But on the onset of the improved connectivity, Google was quick to respond to users by ranking mobile-friendly sites first.

Mobile Devices weren’t made for searching online

In relation to the poor internet connection, mobile devices weren’t also capable of opening and loading websites. Since websites then barely care about mobile devices, most are pretty heavy on the processor.


Creating a subdomain and redesigning a new website to fit mobile display is also troublesome and also takes a lot of time. This is not efficient for small businesses since they would also have to put in a larger capital.

Statistical Nightmare

Analyzing traffic through mobile devices was troublesome and hard to measure. This creates a problem for measuring revenue through your website.

Simply put, your desktop browser doesn’t exactly work the same way your mobile browser does. It’s programmed using slightly different rules, languages, layers, layouts, and has a different overall process and set of principles.

Responsive Website Design

We’ve mostly mentioned that it will make your website adapt to all platforms. But that’s not all there is to it. Here are the reasons why you should opt to have your website be mobile-friendly right from the get-go.

Responsive Design increase the user experience (UX). A Resposive Website Design is essential in 2020.
Smooth Display

Naturally, a good looking website would retain visitors, and we want to have that in both desktop and mobile. Every time a user opens your website, you literally have about five seconds to secure their attention. Spoiled with hundreds if not thousands of other options online, your landing page should be a coherent one. Making your website look seamless and very pleasing to the senses will surely boost your conversion rate. It will even get your audience to put your site on their favorites tab.


There’s more to this than just a good looking website or landing page; it should also look professional. An organized website would give your visitors the impression that you are running a serious and legit business. We create a clear and concise presentation of what your business is all about and the services you offer. The right presentation will positively affect your ratings and even your authority in your industry and niche. If your site is appropriately designed and works like a well-oiled machine with a  smooth layout, it will most likely lead to a conversion. This provides your users with quick and easy navigation to the information that they need

Larger Clientele

This is why it is essential for you to not miss out on all types of possible business opportunities. We have mentioned that almost everyone uses their mobile devices for just about everything. So it’s also important to take note that we are not just making your website flexible. We are putting your business in a position of getting a wide range of clientele from all aspects and preparing your site for professional seo services. No matter what your business is, no matter what products you offer. There’s no need to prioritize one platform over another and lose a percentage of the market. It truly is a one size fits all approach.

Higher Rankings

This may be one of the primary reasons why you’re shifting to a responsive web design. Google really does prioritize a great website that offers an overall amazing user experience (UX) for Kansas City SEO.

Responsive Web Design Company

Before we talk about what we can do, you should know about the different ways on how developers can make your website ‘mobile-friendly’. Unfortunately, some would even label it as responsive when it actually isn’t.

Here are five other ways of making your website mobile-friendly:

Adaptive display.

This typically means that your website will automatically resize your website to fit the device a user is using. This is not entirely perfect because the resizing can totally alter the look of your website.


This is a trickier type of mobile version because we have to create a different design for a different type of device. Some themes offer this option where you layout a web page to fit a phone display or a tablet. It’s quite a time consuming, but it pretty much does the job well.

Mobile-friendly or Lightweight.

Mobile-friendly is a general term, so let’s call this type a lightweight design. That’s because it doesn’t have any heavy elements that will make break your site when it is displayed on a mobile device. Most websites are pretty easy to load because they only contain images and content.

Baby Site.

This is practically the M’ version of a website meant to help users with a lower phone OS. A baby site (as we like to call it) is a sub-domain of the website intended only for mobile display.


This is technically the app version of your website.

Here at KCMO Ads, we do everything FOR YOU! We customize according to what you need and what your website needs to bring to the plate.

Our Responsive Website Services Include

Seamless site display

We will make sure that your website is stunning no matter which platform it is viewed.

Quick loading pages

Lightweight, full HD images, and amazing videos all loading in seconds. We don’t want to make our users wait, and for that reason, all of your files are compressed but retains impressive quality throughout the responsive web design.

Fine-tuned navigation

One of the most common issues with a mobile display is navigation. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We also use mobile searches, and we know how to make a menu or navigation system that is easy for you and your users to use.

Impressive landing page and lead generation pages

Even if your website shifts to mobile display, you will still get spectacular landing page design. It is where your potential clients or interested audience can easily purchase, communicate, or subscribe to your products and services.

Improved UX

We care about your audience just as much as you do, and with that thought in mind, we also know that they want a great experience. We will give your website a user boost where your users can have a smooth and secure shopping experience or a fun blog-reading time. We will do that with the smart use of superior content and imagery.

No crawl issues

You won’t have to worry about crawl issues or Google ever trying to find your pages. This way, you’ll never have to tackle problems yourself but rather be at the head of your game all the time.

Rank monitoring

We also monitor not just the traffic you get from desktop searches but also the interaction and impressions that you get on mobile.

Web Analysis and Redesign

You may already have a responsive website, link building services, but we don’t just stop there. We monitor your site and perform constant analysis to tackle uprising issues and potential problems. Plus we also immediately find and apply solutions even before you know a problem came along.

You see, you are our priority, and your business is also the lifeline of our work. We provide a complete site development package where you get everything that you need without worry. Give us a call now, and we will gladly sit down and personally talk to you about your vision for you and your business.