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Conversion Rate Optimization 2019 ā€“ Expert Marketing Service

Essentials in Increasing Your Rate of Conversion

Conversion rate optimization increases your online revenue and provides unique information about your customers. Contact us to get conversion rate optimization service we will be happy to serve you.

What is ‘conversion rate’?

The conversion rate is the portion of visitors who become paying clients or customers. This doesn’t just include a customer who buys products or pays for your services. It also includes those who fulfill the desired action on your website like subscribing to your newsletter or sign up for your forum. They may or may not directly pay money to your website. Some actions also result in your making a profit even if your visitors do not make payment themselves.

What is an ideal conversion rate?

Of course, we’ll say 100%, but that’s just not realistic, right? But any increase in your current conversion rate is ideal since it means that your profit is growing. For as long as you are making money and that your business is growing (especially financially) that is a reasonable conversion rate. So even if your conversion rate is at a constant 1%, it’s nothing to worry about since it is 1% more than the last time you measured it.

What Causes Your Site to Have Low Conversions?

There are a lot of factors that affect your low conversion rate. Here are just some of the most relevant factors that you need to fix:

  • First Impression Is Bad

What’s the first thing user see? The visuals! If your website does not look appealing, the more likely your bounce rate will increase. First impressions are very important. It shows that you are putting in great efforts in providing an amazing user experience. So if you give off a bad first impression, you may have to consider getting a web designer to give your website a touch-up.

  • Poor or No SEO

You’re probably getting the wrong audience to your website simply because you didn’t optimize your page or that your SEO strategy is not working at all. SEO is an ever-evolving technique, and you need to be up on speed to understand the latest SEO trends. But you need to know the essentials of SEo techniques that you can do yourself like:

  1. Creating relevant Metadata
  2. Adding amazing content
  3. Decreasing loading time
  4. Poor picture quality (pixelated or inappropriate images)
  5. And many more
  6. Over-Advertising

No one likes it when there are too many pop-ups for ‘things you should buy’ or many ad spaces in the middle of your content. Having too many ads plastered throughout the website increases your bounce rate. It also decreases your existing conversion rate because your website is too distracting.

Many ads take away the quality of your content, the nice flow of your page, and also creates an unprofessional atmosphere that leads to poor user experience. You don’t want to make your viewers unhappy with your website because of too many ads, right?

  1. Taxes, Extra Fees and Hidden Charges

One of the main reasons why customers abandon a cart is due to unexpected extra fees. Tax fees, high shipping costs, and other service charges are a major turn off. That’s one reason why most online users never go back to a particular online store. No one wants to pay extra charges to something that you can find elsewhere that offers your product at the same price but without the additional costs.

You probably experienced a time where you end up cursing at your restaurant bill because the restaurant’s service charge is incredibly pricey.

  • Horrible Marketing and Remarketing Strategy

The reality behind every visitor that enters your website for the first time is that they are not ready to make a purchase yet. This is when you need to restrategize and remarket your products or services so that these visitors will be prepared to make a purchase the next time they visit your website.

  • You Suck at Pricing

There are some services you get online that ask for a ridiculously high price. But you also need to consider one thing; it is not about how low you charge your services for or how cheap your products are, it is about giving your leads the best deals for the right price. This is where upselling is key.

Offer services that your customers will have a hard time saying no to. Remember, never overcharge your services. Always be fair (even if it means that you won’t get a high profit from every purchase made).

  • Dreadful Content

Awful grammar, irrelevant content, overly literary content, and merely the lack of content are reasons why you’re conversion rate is probably at a bare minimum. Customers are always looking for quality. If you have poor content, how can they rely on high-quality services?

Now that you know what some of the weighty factors that cause a low conversion rate, let’s find out what you need to boost it.

Effective Conversion Rate Optimization To Increase ROI

Here is the best way to summarize what you need to do to boost your conversion rate:

“Conversion optimization is about doing better marketing. It’s about understanding your customers better, and providing them with a better experience, helping them complete their tasks faster, simplifying everything.” Peep Laja

  • Run a full site audit

Always perform a full sweep over your website. This way you can identify what the main issue is on your website. You will also find out what strategies you’re doing that are both effective and ineffective and how you can deal or boost them.

  • Understand your real audience

Once you do a site analysis, you will also see who your real audience is. Even if you were targeting viewers from the United States, you end up getting more visits from the United Kingdom then you can optimize your pages to cater to these viewers as well while still taking into account your target audience.

  • Optimize your pages

SEO is a must in all aspects of web creation. Each page should be optimized to make it easier for users to find your pages and also increase your ROI.

  • Always add and define CTA buttons

Click here!

This is probably the most common call-to-action button we see, right? It is not effective at all.

Let users know what will happen after clicking (or exiting) a button. It is a way for users to understand what they’re doing and what steps they may be missing out.

  • Build trust

No visitor will ever purchase unless you’ve established a trust factor. Offer a ‘money back guarantee,’ secure payment methods, reliable communication system (e.g., live chat, or 24/7 customer support). Building trust is one way you can let your leads know that your website is a legit business that they can go back to and do business with again. 

  • Add better visuals

Add a video or more stunning photos that are relevant to your pages. Great visuals increase the conversion rate to 20%.

  • Streamline your pages

Make your website simple and easy to navigate. Users love it when they know where they are going, and if the things they need are easy to find. Proper placement of your ads to spaces that are less likely to distract leads will do your business a lot of good.

  • Improve the overall user experience

Give your viewers a great user experience. This is the best way to keep them on your website and to ensure a growing conversion rate as time passes by.