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Landing Page Design & Development

You’ve probably heard about landing page design and sales pages plenty of times but do you really know what it is? Do you know what their importance is to your business? Did you know that landing pages directly affect your sales? But just how do these special pages on your website work? Let’s get the lowdown on the essential elements of landing and sales pages that will increase your conversion rates!

What is a landing page?

Also known as a destination page, a landing page is the first page a visitor ‘lands on’ when they visit your website. Technically, you can consider any of your pages a landing page IF it has the intent of turning a lead into a convert. The main intent of a landing page is to get a user’s email address like subscriptions to email and newsletters or to get a lead to join your forum or website community.

What is a sales page?

A sales page is where you turn leads into buyers by giving them a one-page offer that they can’t resist. The entire page is dedicated to selling a product or a service showcasing the features and benefits of whatever it is you’re selling.

How are sales pages different from product pages? Contrary to a product page, sales pages are found on an ordinary website. It can showcase a promotion or a simple product feature. Product pages are found on eCommerce websites or online stores that feature a certain product among a group of others. You can find the price, the carting and shipping options and other online store features that sales pages do not have.

How different are they?

Based on the definition alone, they’re pretty different already. Mainly their intentions are different:

Landing pages are meant to get emails while sales pages are meant to make direct sales

Though they are both intended to convert a lead, they also have unique elements that set them apart like:

Landing PageSales Page
Meaningful content (blog, article, info sheet, etc.)Includes a product or services
End result: new subscription or member of site communityEnd result: product sold or service paid
Involves a contact info formInvolves checkout
No payment detailsRequires secured payment details

How do they work?

Both types of pages all lead to one thing: conversion. They are meant to make visitors do an action that will establish a relationship with your website as either a customer or a subscriber. They are specifically designed to be subtle advertising pages within your site. In a sense, we call these pages as your clickbait pages where you entice any first time user to convert into becoming a loyal follower of your site, a recurring customer of your products, or just a constant reader of some of your content.

Why your sales page is, has low conversions?

There are plenty of reasons why landing pages become a failure and why some sales pages can barely hit a 1% conversion rate. Here are the seven deadly sins or reasons why your landing pages or sales pages *ahem* suck.

Your content is everywhere!

Wordy content with over-the-top hifalutin descriptions will easily turn off any customer. Heck, we would hit the back button the moment we read content that we can’t process. Landing pages aren’t meant to have longer content. In fact, the smart use of key phrases is enough to get clients to hit that subscribe button!

You’re passing the wrong message to your peeps!

Whether you’re talking to the wrong target market or missing out on delivering the right message to your people, you are not getting it right. Make sure that your landing page sticks to one message and that you should directly be talking to your readers. 

It’s just not ‘visual’ enough.

A picture is a poem without words. With the right stunning image, you can easily send a message. A landing page or a sales page without an image is like competing in the Olympic swim meet with a broken arm. You’re just not going anywhere with a landing page like that.

You forgot to edit.

Typos here and there and embarrassingly obvious grammatical mistakes will surely cost your page its sense of dignity and authority. These mistakes are easy to edit and not checking on the content you’ve written before publishing your page can be a deal-breaker to an already awesome-looking deal you have to offer.

You just posted it.

Landing pages are the top pages that you should measure. You should always test if your landing pages are effective or whether you should recreate or scrap the thing as a whole. 

The page just doesn’t look cool and trustworthy enough.

Landing pages should tickle a user’s first impression in a good way. And to let them stay longer and engage them enough to click on that CTA, you need to establish trust. 

You forgot one step: emotions.

You need to appeal to your readers by pulling their emotions to clicking on that button.

Elements of impressive landing and sales pages

Landing pages that convert does not have to be a long and tedious process. It’s all about making the right move. Here is how we do make every landing page a great contributor to your conversion rate:

Compelling Headlines

No landing page will ever get heads to turn if we don’t offer a compelling headline. We know for sure that you want strangers to view your content, but how will you do that if you cannot catch their attention? The first thing that users see are headlines and building a headline that sparks interest as its first impression is key to keeping a user to stay and read your copy of what you have to offer.

Let’s admit it, whenever we enter pages that require you to either pay or subscribe, we immediately hit the back button without delay. Because quite frankly, you don’t want to engage in offers that might end up leading towards you, putting in your credit card details. 

Emoticon-tapping Copy

Landing pages utilize shorter content that you average page. We create compelling content that briefs users what they can benefit from what you’re offering. 

Irresistible Promos

This is essential in sales pages. Whether it’s a promo or just a page where you’re trying to markup your prices as well, giving your potential customer an irresistible deal will surely grant a click. In a sense, what you’re looking for is a clickbait that lets your readers know more about what better offer you have for a certain product or service.

Persuasive Images

We don’t just take any stock photo from the internet. We create original mages from picture to infographics that will help build a larger base for your content. Not only do we provide stunning images on your landing and sales pages, but we also provide images that gather backlinks towards your website.

Alternate Landing Pages

Instead of just dedicated web pages, we also create pop-ups to invite users to subscribe to your content. We also create alternative sales pages and other lead generating for your website. This way, you will build a larger email list and create a stronger authority with keen loyal followers to your website.

Convincing CTAs

  • Click here!
  • Subscribe now!

These don’t compel viewers to click on that button. Smart CTAs like ‘Get your free book now’ or ‘Join the team for a 10% discount’ are click baits that will surely convince users to make a move.

Overall Appeal

Let’s face it! Even if you have a nice image, a good copy, and great CTAs if they’re not put together nicely in a page, who would even dare to read further? We create a wonderful user experience on every page we create especially your lead generation pages!

Our efforts in creating landing pages that convert are meant to help generate leads, increase sales, and make you a satisfied client and business owner. Your satisfaction is our primary goal and to get stunning landing pages and sales pages, call us today, and we can create a page that will capture your vision and beyond!