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Facebook Ads

As the leading social media in today’s platform, Facebook ads you will be able to advertise on a platform that has 2.45 billion Facebook users as of 2019, and at least 100 million active users every hour.

On average, 74% of Americans with Facebook accounts use the platform at least once a day. But with these numbers alone, we cannot guarantee that we are always reaching the right people for our business.

As useful as Facebook Business may seem, it’s actually quite a long process that needs time and plenty of dedication to make it work (especially for paid ads). 

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Before we delve deeper into the reasons why you should get FB ads, let’s check out these awesome statistics from 2019.

  1. By September 2019, there is an average of 1.62 billion Facebook users who log onto Facebook daily. By this time, daily active users rose up to a 9% increase annually. This results in a growing pool of audiences that you can effectively strategize to reach.
  2. Facebook has one of the most dramatic growth for revenue on mobile. Mobile advertising revenue shot up to a 94% of advertising revenue. With this growth, Facebook records an annual 23% increase in mobile advertising revenue because of the ever-increasing number of mobile users.
  3. The average time a person spends on Facebook is 20 minutes. And this number increases on mobile usage.
  4. Users view at least 10 FB ads in every visit.

Facebook has really become the world leader not just in social media but also in an effective and efficient advertising. As a marketer for your business, Facebook is a platform that is just hard for anyone to ever miss out on. Aside from these stats, here are the top reasons why you should opt for Facebook Advertising.

Cheapest Form of Effective Advertising

You can literally spend just $5 and reach 1000 users. On top of that, these users are people who are highly interested in your niche. Most paid ads force you to place bids for Facebook; however, even with high competition, you still get as much exposure reaching various individuals that fit your target market.

Profitable Campaigns

Facebook offers an easy enough campaign strategy that allows you to reach your target market much easier and generate an income for every dollar you put up. What makes Facebook very profitable is that you are almost always guaranteed to generate revenue for every price you put up.

Guaranteed Customer Engagements

Facebook ad campaigns always get engagements from users no matter what kind of niche you’re targeting. Facebook users are very active on the platform that they tend to like, share, and comment on any emotional trigger they find online, and that also includes ads on Facebook.

Targeted Audience

You won’t find a better-targeted marketing campaign! Facebook allows you to specify your demographics and expand your reach to only a certain group of people. This makes every cent you spend worth the cost because it boosts your chances of earning revenue. Unlike other paid ads where you bid and compete to get just a single click from an audience, Facebook allows you to create a specific niche reach assuring you of higher engagements and yield a profit.

Other reasons:

  • Facebook advertising yields quick results
  • Easy Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Boosts website or blog traffic and app downloads
  • Facebook Insights allows you to measure your ads with ease
  • Facebooks users and customers can see your brand multiple times
  • FB ads provide a platform for repetitive online transactions
  • drive SEO rankings higher
  • All FB ads are on real-time
  • It allows you to have full creative freedom on ads, campaigns, and more

Types of Facebook Paid Ads

We’ve seen tons of Facebook advertisements out there, but making each type of ad work for us may is essential in promoting our business. Here are the types of ads that work best for different types of businesses.

Image ads

The core of Facebook is images. Visuals are always what attract users to a certain entity, be it a person or a business. And images will never become an old thing when choosing to advertise on Facebook. There are also different type of image ads:

  • Memes. Adorable yet feature friendly, this is the type of content that is highly shareable. It’s perfect for businesses that want to establish a brand. Adding your brand signature or logo on these memes is an easy way for you to build your brand. Take note: this increases brand awareness but does not necessarily help you make sales.
  • Photography. Perfect for influencers and visual artists who want to sell their talents or their assets. This is a great way of showcasing businesses for travel and experience like hotels, resorts, and parks. It’s also a great way to market your location and your art if you’re a photographer or visual artist.
  • Carousel Ads. Carousel ads is a slider with a collection of up to 10 images that users can opt to view or not. This is great in showcasing the features of a product or service being offered.
  • Slideshows. Unlike carousel ads, slideshows are automatically played. Showing various images, texts, and more, this is more efficient than videos because it consumes lesser bandwidth.
  • Collection ads. This unique mobile feature allows you to feature five of your products that users can easily click and buy.

Video Ads

The average engagement rate of posts is about 3.6%, but with videos, it hikes up to 6.13%. Videos are often viewed and watched on a smartphone than any other device making this a perfect ad for most businesses. You can now add polls within a video to increase engagement and make your videos more interactive. 

Experience Ads

Experience ads are the types of ads that let you experience a service or a product. Most apps feature this type of ad to entice users to download the app if they enjoyed playing the game. There are also augmented reality ads that let users experience your app or your brand.

Promotional Ads

We still can’t do away with the typical advertisement here and there. Every after a number of posts you view, you will notice promotional ads for restaurants, apps, stores, etc. They are quite popularly plugged on your news feed and even on your Facebook Messenger

How to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook makes it incredibly easy for businesses to promote products and services on the platform. Here are the basics of advertising on the world’s number 1 social media platform.

Things You Need to Have Before Setting up Your FB Paid Ads

  • Know who your target market is

Facebook paid ads are probably the most niche-specific advertising you can find. Specifying a demographic by age, interests, location, among many other factors, is what makes FB Ads special. And before you start a campaign, you really need to identify who your target market is.

  • Establish your purpose

Purpose range from building awareness, creating a brand, selling products or services, getting installations, generate leads, or simply gaining engagements. Knowing the reason why you’re setting up a campaign defines what type of campaign you should run and also help identify your goals and your strategies in marketing.

As you set up your campaign, Facebook actually asks you what your objective is. Among the array of choices, you should pick out one that really suits your business.

  • Awareness

This objective is limited to exposure. Though you still wish to have engagements with users, your main goal is to build awareness towards your business. Your main goal is for users to get familiar with your brand, and anything beyond that is a bonus. Here you get to choose from:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Consideration

Under consideration, you do a multitude of things, but the main goal is to both build awareness for your brand and reach out to your audience. You may or may not expect user responses, but merely passing on information to your users indirectly influencing them to consider your brand is the main objective. Under consideration you choose from:

  • Traffic
  • Engagements
  • App Installs
  • Video views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages
  • Conversion

Your main goal is to either sell a product, a service or convert users to transact with your business both online or in brick-and-mortar stores. Under conversion you choose from:

  • Conversion
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic
  • Define your campaign

Your campaign starts with signing up for a Facebook account by clicking on ‘Set Up Ad Account.’ The initial form you need to fill up in setting up your account is permanent. Making any future changes will mean you would have to set up an entirely different ad campaign.

Tips on How to Advertise on Facebook

As you set up your account, you are asked the specifics of your campaign. To make sure that the cost you put in paid ads and the effort in making all these campaigns work is all worth it. Here are easy tips to get the most out of your paid ads.

  • Do your research first

One of the key elements of making this work is knowing who your target is. Doing more research on who is most likely to engage with your ads is essential in keeping a steady stream of users to your business. Whichever your purpose maybe, you need to reach the right people to make it work. To do this, you need to know which type of demographic is reaching out to.

  • Affix your budget

FB paid ads, of course, need a budget. Here you should finalize how much you’re willing to put on your campaigns. Your budget is only set for a certain post and for how long it will be posted.

  • Visualize your ads before posting

You need to have your resources ready. Every ad is only as effective as the last one. And to ensure that your ads generate a profitable result, then you need to have all your resources like images or videos and further information readily available.

  • Hire a professional

Starting a campaign may be easy, but being successful on your first try can be a hard target to reach. With many businesses of various niches, you need to dominate your niche to make the most of your ads. Learning the ways around FB ads is time-consuming, but hiring the help of an expert can make things easier for you, especially in generating profitable campaigns.

Management of Ads Facebook

Facebook sounds easy enough to use and manipulate. However, starters would often wonder how they can’t generate revenue for their campaigns. On average, inexperienced campaign users spend as much as they can to increase engagement and generate profit, but it takes them at least six months’ worth of paid ads to generate an income.

However, acquiring a professional Facebook ads manager increases your profit generation in a lesser period of time.

How to advertise on Facebook with KCMO ADS

Here at KCMO ads, we create paid ads and campaigns to help boost your business to your preferred target audience. We go far and beyond in creating stunning ads to entice not just your target market but surrounding demographics that fit your business!

How we do it

  • Personalized campaigns. Before making any campaigns, we make sure that you are involved in every stage. From the creation of ads to defining your campaign, we discuss everything with you, ensuring that each ad is to your satisfaction.
  • Analytics. We go over every campaign and see which ones yield the most profit for you. We also make recommendations on any changes in your campaign to generate more engagements and overall sales.
  • Brand building. We pride ourselves not just on developing amazing content but also in building your brand.

Facebook paid ads need expertise. With over 2 billion users and hundreds of millions of businesses also using advertising with Facebook, you need to stand out. We will bring imaginative innovation in each of your campaigns.

KCMO Ads also focuses on targeted marketing to ensure that each of your ads reaches the right people. We also help configure your campaigns according to Facebook’s auto-generated placements for ads.

In addition, we also ensure that we carefully choose the best places to put your ads, whether it’s throughout the entire platform, including Instagram and Messenger, or just on Facebook. 

Plus, we initiate in-depth research regarding your niche and your business to have an insight on the best way to launch your FB Ads.

KCMO Ads is your complete FB Ads manager. Generating over a thousand engagements per ad on average gives light to our clients as they find their targeted audience and, of course, generate income.

Start your journey with KCMO Ads today!