eCommerce Optimization: What It Is and How Does it Work

We can help you give your customers the ultimate shopping experience through our eCommerce Optimization services. We specialize in helping you maximize profits.

Do you regret bringing your business online? Are you not getting enough profit on your online sales? Don’t get discouraged yet, here’s how KCMO Ads can totally rebuild your eCommerce site and rail in the sales.

ECommerce always has one end goal: purchasing an item. If your eCommerce site does not have enough sales to maintain the cost of running your website, then there is something seriously wrong. Don’t worry. It’s not because you have products that users don’t need. As a matter of fact, everything you can sell online can be bought, but you need to use the right methods in pushing your products to users who are looking for them.

Defining eCommerce Optimization

It is simply defined as a general improvement of your eCommerce pages and boost your revenue. ECommerce Optimization is a complex strategy that helps users find the right sales pages to products they are looking for. It is an approach that brings your product pages into SERP pages and boosts your page rankings higher in-store results. ECommerce optimization is technically the SEO for product pages, but instead of using keyword optimization, it requires a new set of skills and tactics to increase sales.

How Does It Work?

Optimizing eCommerce pages are somehow similar to SEO techniques but not entirely as effective. Here are some proven ways to optimize your product pages and your eCommerce website in general.

  • Compressing Your Pages

One of the main reasons why online shoppers exit out of eCommerce sites are due to lack of patience. Yes, it’s true. Everyone is impatient nowadays. Think about it, if you want to buy something online, one of the things you hate the most is watching that loading ring go round and round.

The longer a page loads, the more users tend to hit the back button and look for something else. ECommerce sites are very heavy on storage and can take a toll on your loading time. Decreasing your loading time will directly influence the number of users scrolling your pages. It is an excellent way of improving user experience since it makes it easier for users to jump from one page to the next.

You can do this by compressing the content of your pages like reducing files sizes of your images.

  • Creating an Impressive Homepage

ECommerce sites are built on one thing: to entice users to make a purchase. And the best way of doing that is by enticing users visually. Creating an impressive stunning homepage will help attract users to buy a product.

Remember the times you’re scrolling through products online and suddenly get attracted by images with cool frames, impressive hot sales pages, and various clickable features that always lead to a great deal.

The best way to entice a user to buy is by putting the most impressive content you have on top of your pages: top hot sales. Who wouldn’t want awesome prices at a steal price? Impressive visuals backed by great deals that users can’t refuse.

  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Did you know that 30% of sales are made through search engine results? Don’t always forget to optimize individual product pages. Because if you do, there is a high chance of your product being displayed high in the results page leading to direct sales made through searches made on Google or Bing.

  1. On-page SEO by making your URLs short and easy to remember, adding keyword rich Meta Data, optimizing the page for rich snippets, and more. Adding metadata should be essential in every page that you create, and it is a vital aspect of eCommerce optimization.
  2. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to link building solutions, social media marketing, paid digital marketing, and more. Even if you optimize your pages with keywords, it won’t be as effective if you don’t apply outbound marketing to lead users towards your product pages or your site as a whole.
  3. Easy Navigation

Yes, like decreasing loading time, improving site navigation is a definite MUST! Checking out should be easy, viewing the cart must be easy, and looking for other related products should also be easy. In short, make everything easy for your customers. The best ways of making your website easy to navigate is by adding shortcut buttons that lead to all of their essentials like their profile, their cart, and your homepage.

Adding suggestions pages or buttons as well as sales pages will also make it easier for users to go around your website and get enticed to buy items that they wouldn’t have initially thought of buying.

  • Easy Checkout

Like easy navigation, quick and secure checkouts are one of the best factors that lessen cart abandonment. It means that if you make it really easy for your customers to pay for their items online, it improves user experience and directly increases customer loyalty.

Even if you sell some of your items for $1 or $5 more than competitive eCommerce sites but you offer more convenient user experience and checkout procedures, users won’t mind paying for the extra bucks. That’s because they are paying for their convenience and reducing their hassle in buying stuff online.

  • Mobile Optimization

Yet another requirement in optimizing an eCommerce website. About 58% of users shop online on their mobile gadgets. And failing to make your site mobile-friendly is missing out on that 58% of online shoppers.

  • Personalization

If possible, take pictures of your products yourself. Don’t just get a picture from stock images or get images from a different eCommerce site of the same product. This will just make your sales pages a little less professional. Personalized pages will make users believe that you are selling items that are legit.

  • Upselling

Flash sales? Premium accounts? Upgraded products? No matter what it is, never miss out on a chance to upsell your goods. Sending out recommendations or adding extra services to whatever it is you’re selling will likely increase your sales by making users spend more.

  • Add Creative Tools

Use creative tools that will give your customers a chance to get a good deal. Set a minimum amount for free shipping services. You can also give out vouchers if customers spend a certain amount of money on certain goods. We also call this discount tools because it provides many ways where you can upsell your products but also provide leverage to your users.

What Do You Need to Boost Your eCommerce Site?

We offer eCommerce optimization services that will always make your site a high ranking online store with increased revenue. Isn’t that the goal? Here are some simple yet effective features of that your eCommerce site needs:

  • High-Quality Product Images. Whether you take these images or not, we make sure that they are not pixelated on the pages.
  • Clearly Defined Prices. Discounted prices, updated prices, and flash sale prices. No matter what, your product pages must have highly visible prices.
  • Clear, Comprehensive, Concise Product Descriptions. We create creative descriptions that make users click on the BUY NOW button.
  • Review Pages. This is essential in helping customers decide whether or not they should purchase an item. Always allow your buyer to leave a review. In fact, you can even entice your buyers to leave one by giving them points that they can collect and use every time they make a review for every verified purchase they make.

Our eCommerce Optimization Services include constant maintenance of your eCommerce website to guarantee a streamlined website without issues that will hassle you and your customers.