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The Low Down on Amazon Product Page Optimization

With one click from your laptop or computer and with one press of a button on a tablet or a phone, it’s convenient for today’s digital age to shop till you drop. Search engines are optimized exactly on what tickles our noses, but sometimes, it’s just a mess out there. Accuracy is the key, however, and most people would already know what they’re looking for. A number of write-ups from articles, Youtube content, or even a single Instagram post will help narrow down what keywords should be used to find this exact product. Most might think that it’s really easy to optimize Amazon product pages. But you should be able to define what separates you from your competitors and what is the reason why people should trust you.

Here is a list of factors that makes your product page more likely to be searched and for people to stay and buy your product:

  • Your Amazon Product Title 
  • Highlight by using bullets
  • Be wise with optimizing your images 
  • Check your competitors, check the market

Your Amazon Product Title 

Before listing a product, it is essential to check the title that you will use. The title is the ‘make or break’ moment for a potential deal between you and your customer. Titles need to be searchable but also easy to understand. But some titles out there are stuffed with numerous keywords that don’t give REAL sense to your product.

Keep in mind that a lot of potential customers would like to read what’s easy to understand.  That’s why we:

  • avoid using long technical terms on titles as much as possible.
  • are careful when including specifications like unit measurement or quantity as there is a number of people who would specifically look for these terms. 
  • are consistent with the information that is added in your title. 

With these considerations, Amazon’s search algorithm will place your products on the categories relevant to your product. To give you an example of a good Amazon Product Title, the format should go something like this:

Product (Keyword for Product) from  Brand Name at least three keywords relevant to the product – Unit measurement/Quantity (applicable for the product) and other description necessary

You’ll be able to see why it is necessary to check your title, and you’ll be able to compare the different but identical products that you have against your competitors on the seller’s listing page.

Highlighting the main features through bullets

Who would bother to read all through long paragraphs on a shopping website? Not us for sure! It’s all about minimalism and accuracy in today’s busy world. Bullets are appealing to the eyes of the curious, so we make your description minimal but concise.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Place keywords and some nudges on useful tips that will make your product interesting. 
  • Create a short motto that will captivate your viewers.
  • Create a  tagline that your customers can remember.
  • Provide highly relevant keywords that our team gathered from our team of expert Amazon SEO services to help your product gain the target market.
  • Include only the necessary information free from irrelevant statements that may disrupt Amazon’s algorithm for your product’s search trends.
  • Redefine the true meaning of description by writing the benefits of your products and not the obvious features that shoppers can get elsewhere. 

You see, we go beyond the basic requirements that Amazon has set out for optimizing product pages. We ensure quality and high-value content that fit your products to make sure that you only get the best content there is.

Be wise in choosing your images

Since most users are connected through tablets or mobile phones, make sure that your images are compressed but still maintains high quality on Amazon. Compressed images help in doing the following:

  1. The images will be able to load faster
  2. Even with a reduced size, they are still viewable on various platforms and devices that your customers are using

Images with large file sizes may take a while to load. A slow-loading product page is a risk of losing your customer’s interest in your product and will move on to find something similar. Include images that will highlight your product’s features as well as different colors as long as it’s available. 

We also optimize images by reducing file sizes using tools that help in maintaining the quality of your images despite the lower byte size.  We also make it a point in guiding on how you can get stunning product photos without grabbing photos from stock websites or other people’s websites. To prevent copyright and creative issues with other website owners, we make sure that we aid you every step of the way in looking for or taking images that will immediately catch the interest of your viewers. 

Whether you upload photos you shot using your phone or probably even hired a professional photographer, we ensure that all images on your products pages are highly optimized and instantly viewable by your potential customers. On every product page, we create the perfect pairing of visually appealing pictures to enticing descriptions that will make your product stand out way above your competition.

Check your competitors, check the market

To make sure your products get to the top of the ranking pages on Amazon, we perform full competitor’s product pages as well as do an analysis of the existing competition and the market trend. Our Amazon optimization services are not limited to just editing your pages, we dig deep down to unravel the hidden ranking factors to boost your page ranking. 

Why do you need to hire Amazon SEO services?

In-depth product analysis and review

We make sure that we look for the best opportunity to rank your product. Unlike Google, Amazon has its own ranking metrics, and not a lot of digital marketing sites are able to do that. We provide a full review of how your product and related products are performing. This vital step is what sets us apart in optimizing your product pages.

Adaptability to moving trends

Nothing is ever fixed in the world of SEO services. Like any search engine, Amazon is constantly changing its algorithm to improve the shopping quality of its customers further, and in every change they make, we are always on high alert adapting to these changes. 

Quick Optimization and Maintenance

Aside from optimizing your pages, we make sure that we maintain your product pages. We continuously monitor the performance of your product in Amazon’s SERPs and make needed adjustments or changes wherever it is needed. Amazon is also a volatile search engine, and with our keen senses, we can easily make your page rank better even on the first day you publish it.

The KCMO Ads Amazon SEO Secret

We have amazing ninja moves that will really make your page soar. You don’t always have to tiptoe around your competition just to get a clear view of what’s ahead. We can easily set a path for your product and get better visibility resulting in higher revenue. If you’re keen on knowing how we do it, give u a call and we will gladly entertain you personally in achieving your goal in marketing your product on Amazon and on any eCommerce platform.